Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Essential for:

  • Credit risk assessment

  • M & A financial due diligence

  • Competitive intelligence

and more...


A Company’s financial statements will be a critical element of any credit risk assessment, financial due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, or competitive intelligence process.


Financial statements are available in various countries worldwide with a choice of 1 delivery speed, varying from 1 – 3 working days depending on jurisdiction.

Key Features:

Obligations to file may vary from one jurisdiction to another and according to company type or size. Depending on availability we will supply accounts as either:

  • Scanned copy of Original Financial Statements including notes to accounts and most often auditors report (always in original language of filing/publication), or

  • Electronic Extract featuring no less than balance sheet, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements (except when abbreviated accounts only are filed) – always in English, or

  • Bundle consisting of both Original Financial Statements in original language of publication and Electronic Extract in English

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I order a Financial Statement and it is not available?
In some countries, ALL companies have to file financial statements whereas in some countries only SOME companies under certain criteria are obliged to file and others not.

So when you see that you can order a financial statement in a particular country and it is not found after we do a search in the registry, then you will be advised and no charge will be made