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Verify a company name for FREE and get a report or document on 240 + million companies worldwide.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Empower your business and credit decisions

We offer a choice of 2 freshly investigated reports,  our “sameday” Standard Report or our comprehensive In Depth Report that will give you the insight and confidence to make better informed business and credit decisions.

Strengthen your sales, grow your business

We provide targeted B2B Marketing Lists as well as professional Telemarketing Services for appointment setting and lead generation to give you the best opportunity to convert and win new business.

Use our API for faster and seamless data delivery

Use our API to facilitate the seamless delivery of credit report and documents between your system and ours, or resell our products from your website and earn generous commissions

Comply with financial and legal regulations

Our Company Check, a detailed extract of official data from the company registry,  as well as our worldwide Corporate Documents retrieval service can support your financial compliance obligations, or any requirement for legal authentication.

Improve cash flow, recover overdue debts

Let our partner Atradius Collections manage your overdue and delinquent accounts, using their integrated worldwide Debt Collection service that operates in any country, time zone, currency and language.

Integrate with XML and cleanse your bulk data

We offer XML for seamless integration of data modules into your IT system as well as a bulk Data Cleansing service to verify and amend your data sets and ensure GDPR compliance.

Who We Are …

Dynamic Business Information Ltd was founded in 1994 and is a leading primary producer of freshly investigated company credit reports and documents retrieval services worldwide. Headquartered in London with satellite offices in Poland and Malaysia, we are served by a team of 50+ qualified analysts and researchers connected to a network of more than 100 correspondents across the world.

With Clients in …

  • Sales & Procurement
  • Credit Management
  • Business Information
  • Export / Import
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Financial Compliance
  • Legal and Business Research
  • Banking and Lending
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Receivables Management

Offering Solutions for …

  • Finding and qualifying new customers or suppliers
  • Background checking, verification of official status
  • Credit assessment, maximum credit, payment terms
  • Evaluating new business opportunities
  • Export credit insurance underwriting
  • Litigation and Contract Support
  • Debt collections and tracing
  • Litigation and contract support
  • KYC/AML screening
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Competitor analysis

240 Million plus

The universe of companies from which we can locate and research any business worldwide and guarantee 99.5% delivery reliability.

10,000 per day

The number of pages of company data which is freshly investigated and analysed by our in-house research team every day.

140 registries

The number of corporate registries we can access for financial statements and other corporate documents.

181 countries

The number of countries where our partner, Atradius Collections, can provide debt collection service.

24 years young

From humble beginnings nearly a quarter of a century ago, we have now become a leading player in our industry.