• Sales ready leads

  • Appointment setting

  • Market Research

Let us do some of some of the heavy lifting for you

Telemarketing has proved over the years to be the most direct and personal way to reach your target market. It is a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy for reaching out to prospects who are likely to have an interest in your product or service. And this is exactly where our multi-lingual telemarketing team can help you.

Initially we will assign to you a dedicated account manager who will gain an understanding of your business and sales approach in order to profile your typical clients’ needs more exactly.

Using targeted lists, either your own or lists that we can create specially for you, we will designate sales people with experience in your industry to call these prospects and introduce them to your offering with the intention of:

  • Creating “sales ready” leads for your own sales team to follow up, or

  • Making appointments for your road sales team, or

  • Conducting market research or surveys

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