Terms of use of the Customer Account

Terms of use of the Customer Account


  1. Account registration

1.1. The Customer may register their account on the Website (hereinafter “Account”).

1.2. In order to register an Account the Customer should:

1.2.1. read the Terms, including these Terms of Account, and the Privacy Policy,

1.2.2. confirm that they have read these documents and agree to comply with them, by clicking on the appropriate window on the Website at the time of Account registration; and

1.2.3. fill out the registration form, available on the Website, by providing required data;

1.2.4. and send the completed registration form to DBI via the Website (by clicking on the link provided under the registration form).

1.3. Following the receipt by DBI of the registration form filled out by the Customer in accordance with point 1.2 above, DBI will send a link that activates the Account to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the registration form. The   Customer will be able to use the Account immediately after confirming the activation link sent from the Website system to the e-mail address. The agreement for the use of the Account is entered into at the moment of confirming by the Customer of the activation link referred to in the preceding point.

1.4. Notifications concerning the use of the Account shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the registration form, and the Customer can change the address by deleting and entering appropriate data in the Account form. The Customer should continually verify whether the e-mail address provided by them at the time of account registration is current and correct.

1.5. The Account means an individual Customer account identified by individual login (Customer’s e-mail address provided in the registration form at the time of Account registration) and the password which was selected and confirmed by the Customer at the time of registration.

1.6. Apart from the verification of the Customer’s e-mail address, done at the time of account registration, DBI does not control or verify in any other way the identification data of the Customer provided in the registration form.

1.7. The Customer is obliged to take the necessary steps in order to secure access to the Account against unauthorised persons, which includes keeping their login and password confidential and not to disclose them to third parties. The Customer should immediately notify DBI of any cases of unauthorised use of the Customer Account.

1.8. Account registration and the use of the functionalities of the Website is free of charge, unless the information expressly provided on the Website indicates otherwise.

1.9. After the registration of the Account, each login to the Account shall require the following Customer data provided in the registration form: the e-mail address and the password.

1.10. DBI has the right to block the Account (i.e. prevent the Customer from accessing the Account and making modifications thereto) if the actions taken by the Customer within the scope of the Account and Websites violate applicable provisions of law, infringe on the rights of third parties, violate the rules of decency or the provisions of the Terms of Use, including when the Account name is in breach of the law, infringes on the rights of third parties or violates the rules of decency, including when it is an expression commonly considered to be offensive.

1.11. If DBI ascertains that there are grounds for blocking the Account on the basis of point 1.10 above, DBI will call upon the Customer to provide explanations. DBI will suspend the service concerning the Account until the time when the aforementioned circumstances are clarified.


  1. Deactivation of the Account

2.1. If the Customer wishes to remove their Account from the Website, they may do so at any time. To do so, the Customer should notify their intension to DBI by email or “contact us” form on the Website.

2.2. Once the Account is removed, there is no way to re-activate it. The agreement concerning provision by electronic means of services concerning the Account expires at the moment of removing the Account.


  1. Charges, Payments and Refunds

3.1. Customer is required to pay for products and services requested at the time of placing order. Payment can be done by credit card using shopping cart check out function.

3.2. Customer can pay exact amount as indicated in shopping cart or may wish to prepay for products and services. In case of EUR / USD / GBP 1,000 prepayment Customer is entitled to 10% discount and in case of EUR / USD / GBP 2,500 prepayment Customer is entitled to 20% discount. In order to make prepayment follow on screen instruction when checking out shopping cart. Any balance above shopping cart value and amount of prepayment will be credit to Customer Account and available for future purchases.

3.3. Prepayment is valid and has to be utilised in full within 24 months.

3.4. Refunds. In case DBI is unable to deliver requested product / service Customer will be notified and informed of the reasons and any payment made will be refunded to Customer Account and shown as available balance for future purchases. Balance refunded has to be utilised within 24 months. Refund directly to credit card is possible upon request by e-mail or our “contact us” form, however may take up to 3 months to process. DBI reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for processing such refunds.

3.5. Once the Account is removed, it is not possible to re-activate it. The agreement concerning provision by electronic means of services concerning the Account expires at the moment of removing the Account.

3.6. Provisions 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 do not apply in case the Customer pays DBI on monthly invoices basis (available by invitation only).


  1. Free Trial

4.1. For limited period of time DBI offers Free Trial for newly registered Customers.

4.2. In order to utilise Free Trial, Customer is required to register account as set out in point 1 above.

4.3. Free Trial consists of one (1) product of service of Customer choice that DBI will provide free of charge. DBI reserve the rights to exclude certain products and services from Free Trial offer at any time.

4.4. By utilising Free Trial offer Customer agrees that DBI may contact Customer in order to discuss further business offers and details and DBI may do so by telephone, e-mail, letter or social media link using details provided by the Customer during Account Registration process.


  1. Final provisions

5.1. These Terms represent an integral part of the Websites’ Terms of Use.

5.2. In matters not regulated herein the applicable provisions shall be those of the Websites’ Terms of Use.

5.3. Privacy Policy as set out on www.dybusinfo.com website applies and explains how DBI handles Customer’s Privacy Rights in accordance to Data Protection Act and GDPR.