Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Research Process

How accurate and timely is the data you get from public record sources?

Generally, with a few possible exceptions, it is safe to rely on the accuracy of public record offices to record factual data as provided and our analysts use their experience and best judgment to discount any data sources that prove in any way to be misleading or out of date.

Also it should be noted that many countries now adopt strict measures to ensure that companies file their documentation on a regular basis to ensure that changed events are recorded in a timely manner.

However, there is often a time lag between the occurrence of a sudden changed corporate event and the recording of such data in the public record offices.   For example a company may unofficially become insolvent, but the official recording of this event in a court of law or other public record office may take some months before it is officially released.

We always endeavour to uncover such important changed events by using a variety of sources, not limited to official public record offices, but cannot always guarantee to achieve a full degree of success in this process.

Do you disclose the name of the Enquiring Party to the Subject of Enquiry during your investigations?

About Our Reports

Do you provide reports on individuals?
No, we do not provide consumer reports i.e. credit ratings specifically on individual non-corporate persons.

However, if a report is requested on an individual who operates a proprietorship business, then we can report on that business entity.
Do you undertake other company-related research other than credit reports?
From which sources do you obtain financial data about companies?
In which countries can you obtain financial data?

About Our Service and Exceptions Policies

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, which fortunately occur infrequently, certain exceptions to standard procedures may occur.

A definition of these exceptions and our fair price adjustment policy to compensate for any inconvenience to our customers are stated below.

No Trace report – Subject company cannot be traced?
It can happen that a customer sends us incorrect or insufficient contact data for the company. An investigation occurs, the subject cannot be traced, and a “No Trace” report is issued to the customer without any charge.

If you subsequently provide us with extra details about the Subject and we start a fresh investigation you will be charge the full price provided we can the produce a full report.
Negative report – Insufficient information in the report?
Incorrect data in report?