International Debt Colllection

International Debt Collection

An amicable and comprehensive debt collection solution

We are proud to partner with Atradius Collections

Atradius is one the worlds leadings commercial debt collection agencies. They are a well-established global business with 90+ years of quality credit insurance and credit management experience and have a great success in collections worldwide.   

Are you facing the following debt related issues?

  • Increasing DSO and having to write of debt?

  • Lack of communication with your debtor?

  • Concerned about cost of legal action?

  • Need expertise in a specific country?


How We Collect Outstanding Debts (809kb PDF)

Our amicable debt collection solution will:

  • Collect your domestic and international debts across the world

  • Take over the complete process

  • Provide you access to collect@net – our online platform where you can stay updated on your cases 24/7

  • Offer you fast international multicurrency payments of collected monies   

  • Monitor your payment plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recover outstanding debts?

Letters, emails and calls are used as part of our amicable process. The exact sequence of our letters and calls varies by country, based on Atradius Collections’ experience of what is most effective in the area. For all countries, a first reminder letter is sent within 48 hours of receipt of the case. For some countries, we visit the nonpayers premises at additional expense, but this situation is irregular.

The next steps depend on the country where the debt is located. These steps include a follow-up call made between 1-10 days after the first reminder. Additional reminders and calls are made to the nonpayer at differing intervals if there is no immediate positive response from the nonpayer.

How do you go about reaching the debtor?
What do you consider to be an ‘amicable debt collection’?
What information do you need from me?
How is a debtor asked to make payment of the debt they owe?
How long does it take to handle each case, on average?
Can we place multiple cases with you?
What is Collect@Net?
What costs are associated with successful collection?
What is the minimum debt amount that can be collected?
Can I be charged a fee if I withdraw the debt during the amicable process?
What are the upfront costs, if any?
My debtor made a payment just after the case introduction. Do I need to pay?
Can you recover debts that are more than 90 days old?