COVID-19 – Economic Impact


Monitoring the economic impact

Apart from the regrettable human tragedy, severe economic changes are also expected in the months to come which can negatively impact on corporate cash flows, profitability and overall creditworthiness.

So in order to provide you with better insight into which industries may be affected in the specific country (see available countries) where the Subject’s main operations are located, as from April 2020, we will be adding COVID impact data into our reports that includes:

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Description

  • Industries Allowed to Operate

  • Industries Severely Affected

  • Notable Events

In our In-depth report, you can find all this information in the section OPERATIONS & HISTORY / Key events. See sample In Depth report

In our “Sameday” and “Standard” reports, we include a separate section with the name “IMPACT OF COVID-19”. See sample Standard report